Privacy Policy

In order to be able to comply with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all clients will be required to read and sign the following document in their assessment session to confirm that they understand how information will be held and used, in order to provide a therapy service.

During your therapy assessment, I will take the following information:

Your full name, current address, date of birth, contact telephone number and email address. This information enables me to record who it is I am treating in the event of having to break confidentiality for legal reasons or to support you with regards to any claims you may make as a result of your therapy.

An emergency contact - their name and telephone number, this information is for emergencies such as you becoming unwell during a therapy session and also may be used in the event of me being concerned for your safety.

Your doctors details along with any medications you currently take - or start to take - during the course of your therapy. This information is taken in order to protect both you and me in the event that I become concerned for  your safety.

All of the above information will be held in paper format in a locked filing cabinet, accessible only by myself.

At the end of each of your therapy sessions, I will take notes of the work we have done together, this will include any disclosures you make.

Your telephone number will be stored in my mobile phone - your first name and initial will form the contact information. This information is held in the case of my not being able to attend a session and needing to contact you to cancel. My mobile phone is secured with both finger print security and a pass code.

If you contact me by email, your email will be deleted within 30 days of receipt. Details from the email may be recorded on your paper client file in the event that the information is relevant to the work that we are doing together or in the case of a crime being disclosed or a complaint being made.

All paper files will be kept for 7 years after the date of your last therapy session. After the 7 year period has expired, your records will be destroyed.

Your telephone number will remain in my mobile phone until you end therapy. Once your therapy has ended, your telephone number will be deleted from my mobile phone.

Online clients

In addition to the above information, online clients will have their contact details (username) stored in my Skype account. This account is secured with a password and is only accessed by myself. Skype contact details will be deleted within 30 days of therapy ending. Please ensure that you are familiar with Skypes terms of service and privacy policy.

Information sharing

The only time that detailed information will be shared in relation to your therapy is as follows:

In the event of me becoming concerned for your welfare, I will contact your GP or other emergency services to ensure that your safety is maintained.